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Special Services

ATM Mirror and Glass strives for excellence in both product and performance.  We are continuously seeking higher education within our trade; along with offering our clients exclusive products and services you will not find from your local “glass shop”.  Below you will find our list of special services that may be performed in conjunction to or as separate projects.  

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Glass Rigging.  Our staff has received extensive additional training in the area of glass rigging - where safety of people as well as product are critical  From employing use of telehandlers to cranes, we can safely plan a proper glass set for special cases where oversized or inaccessible glass is being installed.  We house our own rigging equipment such as powered suction cups to crane jibs.  

Direct to glass printing (also called ceramic digital printing).  Long gone are the days of dull and monotone sandblasted and etched glass or filming glass.  With direct to glass printing, glass and be designed with transparent colors, textures, even logos.  Highly durable- printed with frit, in a full range of colors, opacities and textures.  Custom imaging available, and may even be spanned across many lites of glass to create a truly exceptional display.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Consulting Services:   For trades-people and homeowners alike. We provide consulting services during construction and design to help ensure your glass and metal construction details are planned properly.   

Popular Consulting Services Include:  Glass railing systems, glass flooring systems, shower door design, oversized insulated glass

Additional Services Available.  

Please contact us to discuss your project’s particular needs.