How To Measure For A Shower Door

Measuring for a shower door can be a little tricky, but with the guides provided below you should be able to get an idea of what information is needed to receive accurate pricing.  We try to provide as accurate as pricing possible without seeing a physical location, so the more information available, the more accurate your price will be.  Remember, for pricing purposes sizes do not need to be exact.

A few key pointers to remember:

Metal Finish:  Frameless doors generally do not see a price fluctuation with metal finish, with the exception of some of the antique or patina finishes. Framed and Semi Frameless doors will Incur price adjustments for finishes other than chrome.

Glass Type: Frameless doors are standard with 3/8" glass, over 80" we recommend use of 1/2" glass, reason for this is that over 80" in height, 3/8" is subjected to bowing and distortion when tempered.  This is considered an "acceptable flaw" of tempered glass.  It is not our acceptable flaw however, and to ensure our clients the greatest level of satisfaction, over 80" in height, we will recommend use of 1/2" glass.  Patterned, obscured or low iron glass will incur price adjustment.

Out of square/plumb conditions: may incur additional costs- depending on complexity.  Frameless shower doors are measured to the 1/16" of an inch.  Conditions such as bows, crowns or items requiring "double cuts" involve greater fabrication and technical skill.

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  Image will open in new window  or tab for easy printing.   These configurations represent most common - enclosures are made to every configuration. Please call our office for assistance if your configuration is not shown and we will be happy to help!

Corner Shower Enclosure

Inline Enclosure with inline buttress walls

Inline Enclosure with buttress wall/bench

90 degree corner enclosure with buttress return

90 degree corner enclosure with buttress wall/bench at inline section and return

Neo angle (shown with and without buttress)

Inline Enclosure

Tub (typical)- slider.

Tub (typical)- slider. With 90 degree return.

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