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Residential Fronts

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  What are residential fronts?  A residential front is the installation of:  windows, window wall, curtain wall, sliding or stacking door systems in a residential home; where traditionally these systems are employed for use in commercial spaces.  Popular for upgrading mid century modern glass and metal homes with more energy efficient materials, such as thermally broken aluminum tube and insulated glass to help homeowners retain the architectural look of the home, while increasing energy performance. In addition, we also perform a large volume of residential front in new construction homes, where modern architectural design is sought.

The residential front application is not just simply installing the commercial system in a residential home; modifications at installation are made to ensure these systems meet the demands of a home installed application, such as energy efficiency and additional safeguards again leaks

ATM Mirror and Glass is often called to assume  projects where installations for residential fronts are being  installed like typical “storefront”.  We have extensive experience in the high demands of these types of projects and ensure a properly installed system.  The glass and metal  is often the focal point of these types of homes, we work closely with architects to ensure the design is true to form, especially with restoration projects.  Our projects are furnished and installed throughout the tri state area.

ATM Mirror and Glass is Westchester County and the Tri-State area’s leader in residential front applications.  Focusing on mid century modern home restorations, we have provided extensive services to some of the regions most discriminating architectural firms, where detail is critical for this type of service. Our projects have been featured in:  Dwell Magazine, US Glass, Bedford Magazine, NY Times, LX.TV, NBC, Architectural Homes New York and Westchester Home to name a few.  

Our projects have been the recipient of Creative GlassWorks “Best in  Architectural Glass” (2011, 2012, 2014), NGA Crystal Achievement Awards, (Best in residential curtain wall), and several projects have been AIA award winning.  

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“Because glass use was so intrinsic to the project, ATM Mirror and Glass was involved in nearly every step of construction”

“President Of ATM, James L. Count, displays the epitome of confidence and control; a true professional in the applications where nothing short of professional will do”.