Insulated Glass

What is insulated glass?

Insulated glass is a vacuum sealed individual unit with a "dead" air space in between the two (or more) panes. The dead air space assists in reducing the transmission of head or cold- It is actually the air space between the glass layers (lites) that provides the insulative qualities.

If over time you notice the glass has become hazy inside of the two panes or "fogged" the seal has failed and you are no longer receiving any of the glass's insulating properties.  

Myth: You can change just one side of an insulated glass unit if broken.

Fact:  Unfortunately, No. As a vacuum sealed unit with dead air space, unit has to be replaced as a complete unit and not just one piece.

No other component has as much affect on the type of energy savings you'll experience in your home as does the type of glazing you use. Fogged insulated glass units or single pane windows result in as much as 60% of the total energy loss in your home or business. All of our insulated glass units feature a 10 year seal warranty against fogging.

Low E glass- what's the fuss?

With the rising energy costs in the country the question on everyone's mind is how to save money. The answer, Low E glass.

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass has a thin metal coating on the glass within its airspace that reflects thermal radiation back into the interior, and allows solar radiation into the room.


* Improves the window U-value (provides a higher R-value) as compared to uncoated glass.

* Allows the inner pane to stay warmer in winter.

* Reduces room side condensation of the window.

* Reduces the transmission of ultraviolet light.

* Maintains a natural appearance, viewed from the outside or inside.

* Carries a 10-year warranty against coating failure and unit seal failure.

* Is manufactured by PPG, a leader in flat glass manufacturing, with one of the world's largest glass R&D centers and extensive quality assurance and technical services groups.

NYS now requires all commercial buildings to be glazed using Low E glass. We encourage homeowners to make the same choice.

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ATM Glass insulated glass capabilities:

-All Sizes and Shapes

-Over Sized Insulated Units up to 130" X 240"

-All Make Ups and Thickness

-New Construction or Replacement

-Complete Rigging and Lifting Capabilities

-PPG High Performance Coated Glass Available

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