Glass Shapes And Edgework

One of the most important details to consider when requesting a price for glass, is to know what exactly you need priced. Seems simple enough, but any call to a glass shop can have you quite confused after you receive a series of questions, such as, “does your top have radius corners?”, Or , “is the shape an elliptical oval or rack-track oval?”  Unlike other building materials, glass is quite unique in the sense it cannot be cut like wood or tile.  As a result, the “more” that has to be done to the glass (fabrication), the most costly it becomes- with certain types of fabrication being quite complex to perform in glass- therefore resulting in higher costs.

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True Rectangle

all corners have 90 deg. angles.  must provide width and height.  template is not needed. standard with polished edge- may also be beveled.

True Circle

only size needed is the diameter.  standard with polished edge.  other edgework requires specialty fabrication.


(template suggested)

Race Track Oval

(template needed) Must be kraft paper or plywood


(template needed) Must be kraft paper or plywood


Template suggested unless you are familiar with angles.


(template needed) Must be kraft paper or plywood


(template needed) Must be kraft paper or plywood


template suggested


template suggested


Other Shapes

There are many other shapes that glass and mirror can be made. Often a template is required.  We do also offer many stock “special shapes” which are cut from our CNC.

Under most circumstances, your glass will require an edge treatment.  If glass is left with an unfinished edge (“Clean Cut Edge”), it will be extremely sharp and pose risk of injury. All of our edge work processing is performed “in house” by machine.  This is to ensure a high quality product at a fast turn around time.

Standard Type:  Furniture quality edge. Also called a high polish.  Aris edges.

Commonly used on table tops, glass shelving, glass furniture and shower doors.

1" Standard:  other sizes available.

*max bevel on 1/8" glass is 1/2"

Commonly used for mirrors, table tops

Most commonly used with frameless shower doors where return angles are +/- 90 degrees.

 Glass is seamed off at top and bottom surfaces to remove sharp edges. Face of glass is un polished.

Commonly used when glass will be installed in a frame.

Glass is cut with no edge work.  Glass will be sharp!

Corner Edge Work (click Image to see full size).  Image will open in new window  or tab for easy printing.

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