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Glass Table Tops And Shelves

Glass used for table tops and shelving is not only beautiful, but functional. ATM Glass is able to accommodate a world of shapes and sizes for your particular project needs

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Glass Table Tops- Standard Type- Overlay

Glass table tops used as an overlay can be used to protect existing wood tables- while still allowing the table’s natural beauty to be seen.  All shapes can be accommodated.  Glass that is used to cover table tops is typically 1/4” in thickness.   

ATM is also able to product large volume orders due to our CNC cutting capabilities.  So wether you need one table top, or one hundred- we can easily accommodate with great accuracy.  

Popular uses:  glass tops for end tables, glass tops for conference tables, glass tops for dining room tables, glass tops for work stations.

Glass Table Tops- Stand-Alone.

All glass table tops, in which the table itself is glass provides a clean modern look.

In these applications, glass is typically a minimum of 1/2” thick, but may also be as light as 3/8” thick or as heavy at 3/4” thick.  With standard clear, acid etched and starphire glass options available. The thickness is typically determined by size requirement, combined with customer choice.  Typically glass that is used for a stand-alone structure is tempered safety glass.

Popular uses:  glass dining room tables, glass furniture, all glass desks, glass bars

Shape and Edgework Guide

Shape and Edgework Guide

Glass Shelving

 Glass shelving offers tremendous diversity for both residential or commercial clients.  Shelving may be made of glass from 1/4” thick up to 3/4” thick,- cut to any size or shape.  

Large Volume Orders Welcome!

Popular Uses:

Retail shelving (cable systems and stand off systems available)

Glass shelving for bathrooms

Book shelves

Corner shelves

Display cases (such as for pizzerias and jewelers)

UV bonded shelves (creating a truly all glass look)

 Glass shelving for cabinets

Medicine cabinet shelving

Shape and Edgework Guide