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Glass Flooring And Stairs

One look, and your first response is, “wow, can I really walk on that?” And the answer is, “absolutely!” With proper engineering, support and installation, walkable glass is a dramatic addition to any home or business.  Vast spans and small spaces alike. With anti slip surfaces, and scratch resistant features, glass flooring and stairs is not as impractical as once conceived.

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Our glass flooring and glass treads are manufactured by our industries leader in walkable glass surfaces- with only the highest quality glass and lamination used.  No corners cut.  

DuPontTM SentryGlas® structural lamination

All glass is heat soaked to reduce breaking due to nickel sulfide inclusion- done when added strength and security is a must.

Walkable insulated glass units at 2 1/4” thickness

Installation by senior level technicians, who will work along side of your engineer to ensure proper safety and installation requirements are met.

For glass that’s more than glass…Originally created for specialty markets such as high-security glazing and hurricane windows,DuPontTM SentryGlas® glass laminating interlayers now are being specified wherever architects or engineers need a material that can make a difference in glass performance. 5 times tougher,up to 100 times stiffer, stronger and more rigid than conventional laminating materials, SentryGlas® interlayers help create safety glass that can exceed your expectatoins. They become an engineered component within the glass, holding more weight, so the glass can serve as a more active structural element in the building envelope, increasing framing system design freedom.

All this, plus SentryGlas® improves long-term weather resistance of laminated glass systems. SentryGlas® structural interlayer performance helps architects and glazed building system manufacturers meet society’s need for greater security, energy efficiency, noise reduction, healthful living, safety and maintenance ease. It helps builders do more with less, creating innovative new spaces, while providing greater protection for occupants.  ATM uses DuPont SentryGlas in all structurally glazed applications where safety and structural security of the glass is a must.  

 Contractor/Homeowner Tip: Over head glazing requires extensive training and additional education for the technician.  This is not an application that should be attempted by an inexperienced glazing construction firm.  Details such as rigging and code requirements need to be considered.  A faulty installation or improper handling puts others at risk for injury.  Be weary of pricing that comes in seemingly discounted or sold online as “kits”. REGULATIONS FOR STRUCTURAL GLASS MANUFACTURING GREATLY VARIES IN THE US VERSUS OTHER COUNTRIES.   The field technician performing this type of glass install will have had many years field experience combined with additional training.  These services are not discounted.