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Glass Fabrication

ATM Mirror and Glass is Westchester County and the Hudson Valley's leading glazing contractor.  Among the things that set us apart from others is our ability to fabricate our own glass from start to finish.  We have invested in machinery, technology and training to allow us to deliver high quality finished glass products quickly and with great accuracy.  In addition, as a full fabrication facility, we are able to purchase glass direct from the glass manufacturers- we do not have to purchase glass from a distributor.  Our large volume direct buying allows us to offer premium domestic glass- fabricated- at a very competitive price point.  In addition all of our machinery is designed for high production, so we are able to deliver high volume orders, quickly with excellent quality and precision.   

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Fabrication Floor:

Our fabrication floor is where we produce our finished product. We staff (4) full time shop fabricators, and (2) second shift fabricators.

Here we manufacture frameless shower enclosures, glass railing systems, insulated glass,  glass table tops, shelving, back painted glass and so much more.  

From the ultra custom to stock table tops, our staff can produce high quality  glass and mirror items quickly and accurately.



All Glass- picked up or installed -goes through a glass washing machine and then an additional quality control check under light to ensure only a perfect finished product is delivered.  Items must be multi-pointed checked by (3) different quality control inspectors.

Our fabrication staff  receives extensive  on-going training in glass processing.  Production managers have all received CAD training.  To ensure additional safety and assistance in loading large volume orders for clients, we always have one certified forklift operator in house.

Our glass is drilled using a double drill, allowing hinge notches, holes and other complex fabrication to be performed with high quality

Our Glaston computer driven automated cutting table cuts glass ranging in thickness from 1/16” to 1” quickly and with great precision.  Hundreds of pieces can be cut in a matter of moments, making large volume orders a breeze.  In addition, glass is cut more accurately than could ever be achieved by hand cutting.  We also stock hundreds of stock specialty shapes, making large volume cutting orders, in special shapes, no longer an item that requires a long lead time.   

Automated cutting allows us to deliver custom items such as frameless shower enclosures and glass railing systems quickly.  The heavy glass  used in these applications is time consuming to cut by hand; with our automated system, glass is cut quickly and accurately, able to accommodate out of square conditions to the 1/32”.

Manufacturer:  Glaston USA (x, y, z axis cutting)

We stock a huge amount of glass!  Ranging from 1/16” thick to 3/4”.  Some of our standard stock glass includes:

1/16” and 1/8” clear glass (PPG)

3/16” clear glass (PPG)

1/4” standard clear and starphire glass (PPG)

3/8” standard clear and starphire glass( PPG)

1/2” standard clear and starphire glass (PPG)

3/4” standard clear and starphire glass (PPG)

1/8” clear mirror (walker-domestic)

1/4” clear mirror (walker- domestic)

And much much more!

All Glass edge treatments are performed at our facility. Capable of processing glass up to 1” thick.

High polishing:: Flat with  arris.  Furniture quality edge work.

Manufacturer:  Bavelloni, Salim

Mitre: Custom angles up to 45 degrees.

Manufacturer:  Salim

Beveling::  Custom bevels up to 2” (or standard bevel is 1”)

Manufacturer:  Zafferani Glas

High quality processing, firm quality control, large volume out-put capabilities.  

If you need one piece or one hundred pieces, our machinery can hold up to the task and deliver a consistently high quality product.

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