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Getting a quote from ATM Mirror and Glass is easy!

A jobsite visit is always best to ensure most accurate pricing- and we have staff standing by to take your call, but with a few simple questions and some general measurements, we can often price your project over the phone or by email.

First, for pricing on any installed items, please check to be sure we service your area. Unfortunately, we are unable to price any installations that are outside of our service area.

First, visit this page and print the  shower door layout that most resembles what you have- and fill in your sizes.  If your shower door picture isn't resembled, draw a picture that depicts what you have- remember, we need the dimensions of where the glass is going to be installed, not the size of the base.

(Hint:  measurements do not need to be exact).

Be sure to note your hardware color, if 3/8” or 1/2” glass is to be used, jobsite location and if the enclosure will be a steam unit.

You can either call us to get pricing right over the phone, or email your drawing to and we will price right away for you

All glass railing systems are priced differently and can be a bit tricky to price without physically seeing the job, but with some general information, we can easily provide some budgetary costs.

First, choose the system that most closely represents the style you are interested in: railing systems

Information needed to price:  size of areas where glass will be going.  If there is a stair section, please include that dimension and list as a stair section. We will also need to know what the system will be installed into (i.e. substraight)- such as wood, concrete, stone or  other.  This is a very important detail.  Please email all pricing requests to  Please be sure to include a drawing, sizes and jobsite location.  In conjunction with the style glass railing you wish to have priced.

All glass and mirror items can be easily priced over the phone.  Please be sure to include required thickness, size and any type of edge radius or shapes that may exist.  In addition, please advise if the order will be picked up or delivered.

Insulated glass, in most circumstances, can easily be priced by phone.  You will need to provide jobsite location, type of window the glass will be installed into (double hung, fixed/picture, casement, etc) and type of construction window you have (wood, vinyl, aluminum).  To measure your glass, you can provide “daylite size”- this is the size of the visible glass, do not worry about the glass that isn't visible behind mouldings.  Oversized insulated glass cannot be priced without physically seeing the job, as there are many additional details required with these sets such as required rigging equipment

Please submit all volume order price requests either by fax or by email.  If you have common sizes you use, please include those details. Please also include estimated volume you may be purchasing.  We can custom tailor volume projects to suit your needs.

All storefront pricing must be submitted via email in  .PDF format.  As an effort to price quickly, please ONLY include pages that pertain to our scope.  Please be sure a door schedule, and metal detail is included, as well as any finish requirements and glazing requirements.  Please allow approximately 1 week to turn around pricing for storefronts.  E-mail quote requests to:

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We are here to help and are happy to walk you through the process of receiving pricing quickly over the phone or email- you dont need to be a building professional.

Of course, a field visit is always the best method to receive accurate pricing, but by phone or email, we  will be able to provide a budgetary number to help you plan your project!

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