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Frameless Shower Door Hardware

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Our frameless shower door hardware and accessories come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to ensure that your shower  coordinates with your overall bathroom design. Selecting the right hardware options for your glass installation can make a significant difference in the overall presentation . You want to select hardware that will provide an adequate amount of support for a hanging piece of glass, but can also be used to add a decorative element to your enclosures that is not intrusive on the rest of the design. With the variety of colors and finishes available for each piece of hardware it will be easy to find a piece that complements your décor. . Selecting hardware for your glass panels is one of the most important steps in designing the shower enclosure. We will work with you to select the appropriate hardware that will complement the design while still offering a high level of functionality. Our variety of style and color options is available to ensure that your bathroom is modern and customize to your personal taste.

note:  not all hardware is available in all finish types.  please call for details.  Manufacturer's such as Kohler hold patents on their specialty finishes and these finishes are not availble "after market".  If you do not see your finish listed below, the patent has not been released for reproduction however we can advise appropriate finishes to compliment your manufacturer's finish.

shower door hinges

Frameless Shower Door Hinges

Frameless Shower Glass Clamps

shower door glass clamps

Glass clamps- used to secure fixed panels (square style)

Glass clamps- used to secure fixed panels ((beveled style)

Glass clamps- wall mount((square style)- also available beveled

90 degree through the glass corner clamp- square style

also available beveled

glass to glass operating transom clamp- square style

also available beveled

wall mount operating transom clamp- square style also available beveled

sleeve over corner clamp

Other Styles Available, Please Discuss With Our Consultant At Time Of Field Visit

Frameless Shower Pulls And Knobs

BM Series- Standard

Colonial Series Upgrade

Crescent Series Upgrade

Ladder Pull Upgrade

MT Series Upgrade

Circle Pull Upgrade

SQ Series Upgrade

Sculpture Pull Upgrade

Victorian Pull Upgrade

RM Series Pull Upgrade

 Concerto L30 Series Pull Premium Upgrade

 Concerto L31 Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Aria Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Overture II Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Symphony  Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Sonata Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Sonata  L22 Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Rondo Series Pull Premium Upgrade

Contemporary Knob Upgrade

Traditional Knob Upgrade

Traditional  Crystal Knob Upgrade

Euro Style Knob Upgrade

Bow-Tie Style Knob Upgrade

Flair Style Knob Upgrade

Ribbed Bow Tie Style Knob Upgrade

Square Style Knob Upgrade

Serenity Pull With Center Plate  Upgrade

sliding doors only

Serenity Pull   Upgrade

sliding doors only

Opus I Double Knob

Premium Upgrade

Rondo Double Knob

Premium Upgrade

Symphony Double Knob

Premium Upgrade

Concerto Double Knob

Premium Upgrade

Counterpoint Double Knob

Premium Upgrade

Many styles offer corresponding towel bars.  Please discuss with your consultant.

Robe Hooks

Designer Series-Upgrade

Aria (Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Coda (Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Concerto (Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Counterpoint (Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Overture II Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Rondo  Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Sonata  Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Symphony  (Single Or Double)

Premium Upgrade

Other Components Of Your Frameless Enclosure

Bottom Door Sweep

edge wipe- used at perimeter of door or transom

edge wipe- used at perimeter of door or transom

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