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Acid Etched & Textured Glass

Walker Texture  acid-etched glass products offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. The consistent quality, durability and rich look of Textures products is unmatched. Walker Textures glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.  ATM is proud to offer this premium line of products to our clients.

"All Glass Fabrication Performed At Our Facility For Faster Lead Times, Greater Quality Control & More Competitive Price Point"

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Acid Etched Glass                                                                   Unlike its predecessor, “frosted” or “sandblasted glass”  acid etched glass offers many advantages.  

Acid-etched Glass Advantages

Consistent finish and appearance

Maintenance free

More mar-resistant than sandblasted glass

Does not peel or discolor like films

Does not scratch off like coatings

Popular uses:  Shower enclosures, glass entrances, glass railing systems, glass partitions, glass office spaces

Available on standard clear or Starphire low iron glass, single sided our double sided etch.

Acid Etched Mirror

Acid etched mirror is truly spectacular.  

Available in satin or opaque finishes, with substraight colors in clear, bronze, grey, black or ultra-clear.

Popular uses:  wall coverings, back splashes

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