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Westchester County and the Hudson Valley's Leading Architectural Glass Company.

ATM Mirror and Glass is the Hudson Valley Leader For Glass Shower and Tub Enclosures and Doors.  Need more information? Email us!

custom glass shower doors

custom glass shower doors frameless glass doors

We offer a range of shower enclosures to suit any application - providing both beauty and functionality- and priced for every budget.

Offering options and solutions seen nowhere else!

Shower enclosures come in essentially three catagories:

framed:  this style is available as a slider or door.  a framed enclosure has metal surrounding all exposed edges of glass- therefore creating a "frame".  glass used in framed enclosures are 3/16" thick

semi-frameless: semi-frameless enclosures are available as a slider or as a pivot door.  As a slider, a semi-frameless door has sliding glass panels (doors) which do not have framing on any exposed edges, however there is metal present at the top (header), both sides (jambs) and at the bottom (track).  the semi-frameless pivot door also features a door which is free from metal; any fixed glass panels do have metal along all edges, as well as use of a head support (metal) and bottom threshold.  glass used in a semi frameless door is either 1/4" or 3/8"- pivot doors use 1/4" glass only.

frameless enclosures: frameless enclosures offer the greatest design freedom.  they are constructed using either 3/8" or 1/2" glass- any metal "framing" is minimal or non existant.  these enclosures are generally configured as a door system, however they are also available as sliding door systems when used in conjunction with a header

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3115 Albany Post Road

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