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system name


GRS/HRS Glass Railing Systems


Our most popular glass railing system.  consisting of aluminum base shoe, glass is "heavy glass" (either 3/8" or more typically 1/2") and butt glazed (panels are ajacent to one another) and generally use of a top rail is used.* may also incorportate hand rail.

ARS Aluminum Railing Systems


Popular and economical solution.  glass panels are installed between aluminum posts (either square or round).  glass panels are 3/8" or 1/2" thick. Aluminum components offer a powder coat finish in seven standard colors (see below) 

SRS Standoff Railing Systems


:  also called "button mount"  offers modern styling with minimal metal usage.  1/2" Glass only.


(must be secured into structural steel)

P-Series Post System. 

Offers flexability and design.  Posts are stainless construction and glass is secured with arm, spider fittings or 'z" clamps.

arm fitting

post with spider fitting

"z" clamp (popular!)

Glass Windscreen Systems


For a frameless look, can be used as a partition or windscreen.  (note:  this system is not sufficiant for a guard rail)

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