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There is actually a great amount of leeway for interpetation as to what defines a frameless shower enclosure, and NOT all people are providing the same frameless enclosure.  Most people use their shower door every day and as our product being part of your daily routine, we want you to feel confident with your purchase.  ATM Mirror and Glass adheres to the standard established by the architectural glass industry.  Most often a proposal is given to a consumer containing various types of "jargon" that can be confusing to someone who isnt in the industry.  These seemingly small variations can cause a tremendous change in cost, product safety and client happiness.

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What ATM Glass provides:

What you may be receiving:

True frameless enclosures, using glass clamp method of installation. this method makes use of solid brass structural fittings, with fittings being plated in real metal finishes versus "look alikes". This method also requires the glass to be additionally processed, as it needs to be notched, drilled etc. to house the glass clamp fittings.

Others often brand enclosures "frameless" that are in fact "semi frameless"- making use of "U" channel to house fixed panels versus glass clamps.  This method of installing with "U" channel, is considered dated and within the architectural glass industry, has been rebranded as "semi frameless".  This method is less costly as it requires less fabrication and processing.  It requires glass to be cut with less precision.  Also the channel that is used is not brass construction, it is aluminum anodized- look alike.  Any time the term "aluminum anodized" is used, look alike finish is being used and not the actual true finish.


Use of only solid brass structural fittings

Make use of anodized aluminum fittings standard, with upgrade for solid brass.  We feel this isnt an option.  Light duty anodized aluminum fittings meet minimum safety requirements, limit design and can be dangerous when glass panels or door exceed the weight limitations for these lighter duty fittings. 


All frameless enclosures are engineered with standards meeting or exceeding industry safety guidelines.  Using only heavy duty structural fittings for all components of the enclosure well within the weight limitations for the glass being used.  We do not believe in cutting "corners" by using inferior materials for your frameless enclosure just to offer our clients a "discount" or to make a larger profit on our enclosures. Making use of hardware that is aluminum constructed versus brass or using thinner glass than what should be used for structural security puts your safety at risk!

When we provide field consults to clients having trouble with a glass shower enclosure that had been installed by others; one of the biggest problems we see is glass being improperly engineered:  light duty fittings, glass being over weighted for fittings being used, improper fittings being used for various locations of the enclosure.  This allows the business to provide an enclosure that is often significantly less money than others would.  The fittings may look similar but are in fact different.  When possible, if you are looking to compare, please ask for the supplier to include a drawing with fittings and part numbers specified. Improper engineering of a frameless enclosure can be dangerous- be weary of an estimate that comes in significantly less expensive.


Application of Ritec Clear Shield glass protective treatment- standard

Upgrade option.

Installation by industry professionals with minimum 15 years experience with installation of frameless shower enclosures, minimum 3 years fabrication (building) enclosures in house.  ATM Mirror and Glass carries full insurances, workers compensation and is licensed to work in Putnam, Westchester and Connecticut.

Novice installers, learning-as-they go, uninsured workers/company, improper licensing, illegal workers. 

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