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Verified Customer Reviews

Sun 08/26/12

9:17 PM

CitySquares Review by DKKAv1967

My wife and I visited with a few of the more suggested companies in westchester and this company really stood out as professional. We were in the market for a frameless shower door and a glass railing for the inside of my house. They run an impressive operation (much bigger than it's competitors) and refined. Not a small fly by night place at all. From the sales person to the installers everything ran like clockwork. I don't think you would see that from some of these other people as they are just basic repair glass stores. This place has a nice designer feel which my wife loved. I can't comment too much on their pricing compared to others. I don't believe we would have got an equal product from the others.

Tue 08/14/12

6:16 PM

Insider Pages Review by Ray J.

I work for one of the larger home improvement companies in the area and have outsourced our glass needs from pretty much everyone. Most are good for your everyday wares such as a broken window glass or storm window glass, but for shower doors I wouldn't recommend anyone else. They work the best with client and the budget. They are more established than some of these other places and have much higher skill with the more intricate work. Of the 20 plus clients I've referred, I have only had great feedback for ATM Glass and that's not easy to do and it makes for an easier job for me and a happier client. I've gotten shower doors from some of the other places and their doors are not anything near the ATM quality. I've had some real garbage passed off as "acceptable" by others but ATM holds to a much higher standard. You may pay a bit more, but if you could see the difference you get from ATm to what you get from others, you will see it's money well spent. E-mail me if you want referrals of completed jobs i have done that feature their work.

Wed 08/08/12

3:25 PM

Patch Review by Megan White

My contractor suggested I call this company for my glass shower doors, although said I could use anyone I wished. We looked at a few of the others in the area, but meeting with the folks at ATM was such a pleasure. At first glance, they can seem a bit "intimidating". It is a much bigger company and seems much higher ticket, but in all truth, the pricing was much better from ATM than the others.  Very easy to work with across the board. Very pleased with the finished install and the workers were so professional. I felt we got our money's worth and then some! Highly recommend to use ATM to anyone in the area. 

Thu 08/09/12

1:09 PM

Best Of The Web Review by Erica

I always like to use "different" people for each of my projects. I liked the idea of using someone new. I used Mr.Shower for my shower, Mirage glass for my new thermopayne glass and with my most recent venture, I needed a glass shower/mirror for my vanity. This company was so different to work with than the other two. I really always thought they were all good. And they were but this place has that something extra with attention and style that I just loved. They give you treatment like you are the only customer but they are a pretty big outfit. My glass shower from them "pops" so much more than my door done by the other company (sad, because the other was my master). I'm not saying you wont get a good product from the others, but with ATM it's much more "polished" and they were so much more accommodating. I dont usually write reviews, but this was such a pleasant surprise

Tue 05/29/12

3:38 PM

MerchantCircle by DkKaSten

My husband and I met with quite a few of the other more recommended stores for our glass shower doors. Without a doubt, you wont find a better service or finished product then what this company offers. First, you could ask the designer (Jim, who is also the owner) questions all day long and each time you will get a logical answer and some truly fabulous suggestions that even had my decorator in awe. After consulting with Jim and acquiring his level of knowledge, everyone else seemed like such small time players, and left us with the asking "are you serious..". Meet Jim and you'll know just what I mean. This guy can put together some classy styling. We had our minds made up from that point essentially. But my designer and I felt a trip to the short list places of business were in order. My designer almost fell on the floor when we got to ATM. He said (and these are his words), " This is where you are buying your shower doors...wow". They had the only place we saw with all kinds of high tech machinery and lots of work going on. (Again, meet with Jim and you'll see just why he has what he has) We were presented with three different types of glass for our shower doors that could be used- the last of which no one else had- which is an ultra clear glass that looks like a diamond. Stunning. We spent about 2 hours there hashing details and was completely sold. The installation of our shower doors and mirrors was done about 2 weeks later by Cosmo and his two assistants. Not a single trace of evidence was left behind, minus the beautifully installed glass items. Warranty and care package was provided and cleaning instruction provided as well. The technicians were an absolute delight. Value: you get more than your money's worth when using this company. I received many upgrades and "standards" that others choose more for. I also felt that the attention given to my project was outstanding. Seeing all of the projects they had going on did make me wonder, but the level of service never faltered. This is a big company with a very personalized touch. Highly professional. Without question I recommend them and have recommended them already. *you should really allow for posting of photos on this site.

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By Martin S.

Bedford, NY

on 07/14/11

Service Performed: insulated glass, door systems,

First thing that comes to mind: Experienced, well versed

Recently worked with ATM for a remodel of a 1950’s modern home.  This included bringing the home up to present energy reduction requirements, while maintaining the home’s original architectural element. ATM Glass came highly recommended by our architect who ensured we would not be disappointed with their proposal.  The finished installation proved to be exceptional.  My experience with ATM confirmed they are not only knowledgeable but well versed in higher end projects -capable of projecting the overall demands of unique architectural fundamentals.   


By Amanda R.

Ardsley, NY

on 07/12/11

Service Performed: glass bar/counter top

First thing that comes to mind: Outstanding and unique.

I fell in love with a glass bar I saw in Montreal and when I started my media/bar room renovation I knew I had to incorporate this design into my home.  Together with my decorator in tow, we visited every one of the more "suggested" glass stores in Westchester County and not a single one was able to say with confidence they could do this for us. I was pointed in the direction of ATM Glass through a friend of a friend and to make a very long story short, they knew exactly what I wanted! My bar top is the center of attention at 2 inches thick, complete with a pattern in the glass to resemble a slate type texture- but crystal clear. ATM even recommended I include lighting to make allow for a dramatic effect- and boy is it ever impressive. You should really enable the ability to provide photos with this commentary. The glass bar has actually become the focal point of the entire room. This company beyond doubt offers a unique service as there is not a single company in the area that offers the same level architectural capability.  I can’t comment regarding pricing as I hadn’t been able to receive comparable product pricing from anyone else.  The delivery time was long, but given the nature of my project I would presume this to be something that requires time. I would suggest ATM Glass to anyone who is looking for a more upscale glass installation, such as what you would see in a magazine. If you’re looking to have glass fixed in a window, I would say you should probably go to a local mom and pop store.


By Anna G.

Greenwich, CT

on 06/24/11

Service Performed: glass shower door, mirror work

First thing that comes to mind: Professionalism at it's finest.

I just used Jim and his company ATM for three enclosures at my home. I will be frank, I did call a few others for pricing but after going through the process I easily found Jim to offer multitude of knowledge that I didn't find in the competition. In conjunction, Jim's warm and patient disposition made planning the enclosures a wonderful experience. He spent time, offered suggestions and was open to my input. We asked to have one of the enclosures installed earlier if possible so that we may have a working enclosure. It was a pleasant suprise to find he had all three ready in about 2 weeks. The installer (Cosmo) who was assigned by ATM to perform my installation polietly called and introduced himself personally the day before. Which was to my delight, a pleasant touch. The installation was performed wonderfully. Cosmo was curtious, neat and spent his entire time at my home diligantly working. All work related materials were removed and my bathroom was left in impecable condition. My contractor (who's opinion I value greatly) arrived today to perform other work for me and he quickly jumped with a "wow" response at the sight of the completed glass doors, stating they were the best he's seen and it was obvious that someone with a great deal of experience completed the job. I would recommend ATM Glass with ease. They offer a full spectrum of what quality and professionalism should be.  I am happy to write this review and I will be using them for future endeavours without question.


By Corey J.

Armonk, NY

on 05/26/11

Service Performed: mirror work, glass shelving

First thing that comes to mind: Great service.

Great great prices, especially for a premium service. Wonderful sales people. Mirrors were installed a week after measuring. Painless experience, I would use again for other work.


By Peter K

Dobbs Ferry, NY

on 05/25/11

Service Performed: glass shower door

First thing that comes to mind: PROFESSIONAL AND RELIABLE.

My contractor hired someone to do my shower door with no consult to me. Which seemed fine at first. After a week of using the door, it started to hit the glass panel it was ajecent to. I called the person who did the install and he said it was just an adjustment that was needed. A week or so later, it happened again. Called the guy out again, and he adjusted. It happened again and I couldnt get the guy on the phone for two weeks!  My neighbor gave me the name of ATM Glass.  When they came to my home to assess the situation, they found the door to be over weighted for the hinges used by 15 pounds!  On top of this, some additional issues were found that were not correct for installing a shower door that I didnt even know.  This could have been extreamly dangerous!  I got my money back for the original installation and ATM provided me with a new and TROUBLE free glass enclosure. Dont just call anyone for these doors.  As I have seen first hand they can be dangerous if not installed with the right hardware and in an appropriate fashion.


By Monica L.


on 05/19/11

Service Performed: glass shower door, mirror work, glass shelving, glass entrance, glass railing system, other (misc).

First thing that comes to mind: Thank you for your patience Jim

I just finished work at my home in CT that I contracted ATM Glass to perform. the project included shower doors, mirrors, glass for my kitchen and a glass entrance for my gym. I met with a few other companies before making my choice but right away my husband and I felt most comfortable with ATM. They even offered us some additional options such as a Swedish extra clear glass that wasnt proposed by others. Throughout the whole project ATM was sensitive to the time frames we wanted certain areas installed and the workmanship was beautiful! The workers were all mindful of my home and kept work spaces clean and neat. My contractor was even impressed with how the whole project turned out and has said he would recommend ATM as well. A note to Jim the owner- working with you was a pleasure. Thank you for all of your assistance. You and you staff had exceeded our expectations. Hugs!


By Amy U.

Mount Kisco, NY

on 05/19/11

Service Performed: glass shower doors

First thing that comes to mind: Thank you!

I know it's been several months since Pat finished renovating our house, but I thought he might like some positive feedback about one of the companies he had do some work as part of our project.   Recently, I called Robin at ATM glass to ask a follow up question about maintenance of the shower doors we had installed.  She and Jim went above and beyond what I expected and within days, Jim came to the house to follow up and give me recommendations about products to use that will maintain the beautiful look of the glass.  That kind of personal attention is increasingly rare these days and I feel lucky that Pat chose Jim and ATM glass to do the work on our shower doors. 


By Vince T.

Irvington, NY

on 05/03/11

Service Performed: glass shower doors, other (misc).

First thing that comes to mind: Great resource for glass workmanship.

"Can-do" is a nice breath of fresh air from a building professional's perspective. It had taken me some time to find a competent glass worker and I found more than that with ATM Glass. They deliver on time or before schedule, offer competitive pricing and are a joy to work with. 


By Lizette R.

Larchmont, NY

on 04/14/11

Service Performed: glass shower door

First thing that comes to mind: stand up company.

Thank you for the beautiful shower door you installed for us.  Everyone of your staff that I met with was eager to please and offered so much attention.  I will pass your name to any one who is looking for a shower door or mirror.  


By Marna J.

Bedford Hills, NY

on 04/08/11

Service Performed: glass shower doors.

First thing that comes to mind: Very Impressed.

From the moment I called ATM Glass I felt that I was dealing with a more professional company than some of the others I had contacted.  They were able to give me a price over the phone with just some basic information which they patiently helped guide me through.  I arranged for an appointment and the price didnt deviate from the phone quote. The technician who came to my home was thorough and friendly. The installation went beautifully, I didn't feel as though I waited too long for an installation date.  I am pleased and would use again for my glass needs. 


By Jay L.

Mount Kisco, NY

on 03/24/11

Service Performed: glass shower door.

First thing that comes to mind: Professional and fair priced.

Let me start by saying this placed wow-ed me on a few different levels. I was calling around for prices on a shower door let me just say the vast majority of people I spoke to couldn't answer a single one of my questions. Not the case with ATM, they advertise that they are all well educated in their field and this is no joke. Nice to actually pick up the phone, call someone, get a price and finish thinking, "nice! I'm getting somewhere!". Kudos to ATM for that one. When I finally decided a visit to my home was in order, I met with Jim, the owner. He spent every bit of 2 hours discussing layouts and whatnot with me, my wife and contractor. I didnt get this same attention from the others I met with..one guy plain out had no idea at all what I was trying to achieve. ATM Glass finished the shower door today, about 1 week after they measured and it is beautiful. I will pass their name on to all my friends and post this review with confidence. Very pleased over all. Great Job guys!


By Joe T

Cortlandt Manor, NY

on 03/22/11

Service Performed: glass shower door, mirror work, glass shelving, other (misc).

First thing that comes to mind: Honest/Tustworthy.  Great service

I always use atm glass. They consistently prove to go the extra mile for me and my clients and stand behind their work 110%. The homeowners always complement me on how professional their staff is and from my stand point as the contractor that means a lot. Pricing is reasonable and they are always quick to throw in a few extras. They just finished up a job for me doing a glass shower door and glass stair railing in Larchmont and it is impressive. In box me if you want more details or referrals, always happy to pass along the name of someone who I would use for my own home!


By Lynne E.

Briarcliff Manor, NY

on 03/22/11

Service Performed: glass shower door, mirror work.

First thing that comes to mind: THANK YOU!

I am only completing this because of ATM Glass and their TOTAL professionalism.  I am not big on internet forms and whatnot. There are a quite a few folks out there who will see a novice homeowner like myself come along and try to make a run with your money or steer you in a less than favorable direction. Some companies will just plain out not call you back or speak to you in a rather snide fashion. This is what I was finding until I stumbled upon ATM's business card at a plumbing supply. First impressions are lasting and right from the first phone call I felt that I actually was getting SERVICE.  When I met with Jim, I couldn't believe it.  He walked me though the whole process, gave me lots of suggestions, ideas to what was most pratical (many of which opposed some of his competitors BTW) and even said, "If you dont go with me, I would still suggest doing your shower door this way to whoever you have do your work". You know what? That won me right there.  He was actually taking the time to think of me and my job and NOT his pocket. Yes, everyone's in business to make money, but this was the first person who came to my home that made me forget that!  I visted two of the other's showrooms who had priced my work for me.  When I went to ATM Glass there was hustle-and-bustle and LOTS of LIFE. My mother always told me, "if you want something done ask a busy person". I went with ATM Glass and have been extreamly pleased with my decision. Yes, this may sound a bit dramatic but you know what? My whole renovation had been a series of hiccups, mislead amounts, confusing termonolgy.  I even felt discouraged quite a bit of the time.  Jim and his company didn't do this to me at all.  They know what it takes to be a service company. You have actually just inspired me to write them a letter.


By Brian S.

Scarsdale, NY

on 03/19/11

Service Performed: insulated glass.

First thing that comes to mind: Professional, pleasant customer service.

Happy Customer. I had atm replace insulated glass at my office. Very reasonably priced and offered great customer service. They worked around our business schedule so no to interfere with my hours of operation. I would use again and recommend to others. The workers were also respectful of our employee work stations and covered work areas. I thought that was very considerate.


By Denine J.

New Rochelle, NY

on 03/19/11

Service Performed: glass shower door, table top

First thing that comes to mind: easy to work with

I would recommend to use ATM Glass. My shower door looks wonderful and is much nicer that many of the others I saw, with mine having a more frame-less appearance, which is was the look I was going for. The workers were polite and neat. I felt I received a great price for a higher end product than what some of the other companies were proposing.


By Pat J.

Croton On Hudson, NY

on 02/21/11

Service Performed: glass railing system

First thing that comes to mind: Do your homework!

ATM Glass fixed a botched glass railing job that was done for me. I didnt realize the mess until months later. Jim and his co fixed the job and did it right. Word to the wise, make sure you use someone who has proven experience. I lost $5200.00 using someone who just wanted to learn at my expense!!!!!  Thanks Jim for being a "stand up guy" and helping us out.




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